WWE RAW Results: Sheamus Defeats US Champion Matt Riddle, Bobby Lashley Targets Drew McIntyre

WWE RAW Results: Sheamus Defeats US Champion Matt Riddle, Bobby Lashley Targets Drew McIntyre

With just under two weeks until WrestleMania 37, the latest episode of WWE Monday Night Raw had the feuds and storylines set up to carry to the upcoming pay-per-view (PPV) extravaganza and into the rest of 2021. Matt Riddle took on Sheamus in a non-title match, while Bobby Lashley attempted to recruit someone to take out Drew McIntyre ahead of their WWE championship match.

Here’s a look at everything that happened on Monday’s Raw:

Sheamus vs Riddle

Sheamus slugged Riddle right in the gut backstage before the match. But once they got to the ring, the US champion looked like he had recovered to full strength. The duo started with a nice exchange of attempted takedowns and taking control for most parts of the match. In the end Sheamus kicked his way out to break a triangle choke and after a brief exchange of strikes led to Sheamus hitting a huge knee to the face for the pin and victory.

Winner: Sheamus by pinfall

Jaxson Ryker with w/ Shane McMahon and Elias vs Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman made no bones about going for Shane McMahon early. He shrugged Ryker off when he tried to take advantage of the distraction and pinned him down in the corner. Meanwhile, Elias and McMahon distracted him long enough for Ryker to knock him out with a chop block.

Winner: Braun Strowman by pinfall

Cedric Alexander with MVP vs Bobby Lashley with Shelton Benjamin

As soon as the referee hit the bell, an infuriated Alexander rushed at Lashley to deliver several punches. He tried to take him down in a waistlock and even delivered a few knees to the body. Lashley recovered and unloaded on Benjamin, tossed him outside before sending him into the ring posts. Meanwhile, Cedric Alexander was able to distract Lashley, but the champ chased him away from ringside. The brief distraction allowed Benjamin to hit a Paydirt for a near fall, but Lashley recovered and responded with a couple of spinebusters and went for the Hurt Lock for the submission victory.

Winner: Bobby Lashley by submission

The New Day Game Night and AJ Styles vs Xavier Woods

At the sound of the bell, Styles knocked Woods back. He leapfrogged him and connected with a dropkick. After missing some strikes, Woods with a clothesline took Styles down. He followed it with uppercuts and bounced him off the top turnbuckle. In the end he went for the top rope, but Omos pulled Styles away and ended up causing a disqualification.

Winner: Xavier Woods by disqualification

Shayna Baszler vs Naomi

The women’s tag team champions were in action this week as Shayna Baszler took on Naomi with Nia Jax and Lana at ringside. Naomi took control early but one kick from Baszler turned the whole thing upside down. She then stomped on her arm and began focusing her attention on that limb to soften her up. Naomi regained control but a distraction from Reginald allowed Baszler to take her down again. Meanwhile, Lana shoved Jax into Rose and Brooke started fighting Lana. The bedlam at ringside allowed Naomi to roll up Baszler for the pin.

Winner: Naomi

Drew McIntyre vs Ricochet

Action began with the bell and Ricochet rights in with body blows, McIntyre threw him into the corner. Ricochet with a big boot, but as he ran to the ropes a back body drop by McIntyre took him Ricochet out. McIntyre with a chop to the chest threw Ricochet across the ring, followed it with a right hand, knocking Ricochet down.

Winner: Drew McIntyre by pinfall