Why is Sims 4 free? The surprising reasons behind this popular game’s release

Are you wondering why Sims 4, one of the most popular games of all time, is available for free on multiple platforms? Here are some surprising reasons why.

First and foremost, EA’s decision to make Sims 4 free was a strategic move to increase its player base. The game had already gained popularity among hardcore fans, but by making it free, EA hoped to attract new players who might not have previously purchased the game.

Secondly, EA has been able to monetize other aspects of Sims 4 beyond just the base game itself. They offer a variety of expansion packs and content packs that players can purchase for additional features and content. This revenue stream has allowed EA to continue supporting the game and making updates without having to rely solely on sales of the base game.

Finally, Sims 4 is an incredibly successful simulation game that has been able to keep players engaged for years. By keeping the game free, EA has ensured that it will continue to be played by a large audience, and that they can continue to make updates and add new content in the future.

Overall, Sims 4’s release as a free game is a testament to the game’s popularity and its ability to generate revenue beyond just sales. It shows that sometimes, the best way to attract players and grow a franchise is by offering something for nothing.

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