“Why Call of Duty is an 18+ Game”

Call of Duty, one of the most popular first-person shooter games out there, has been a source of controversy for years. Many gamers have questioned why the game requires players to be at least 18 years old to play. This article will explore the reasons behind this age restriction and why it is necessary for the game’s developers and players alike.

First, let’s examine the content of Call of Duty. The game features violent scenes of war, which can be quite intense and graphic. It’s not uncommon to see soldiers being shot, blown up or stabbed in the throat during these battles. These images can be disturbing and may cause players to experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Studies have shown that people who play violent video games may also become more aggressive in real life.

Secondly, Call of Duty often includes realistic depictions of weapons and violence. Players can use a wide range of firearms, including machine guns, snipers and rocket-propelled grenades, to take out their enemies. These weapons are not toys and can cause severe harm or death in real life. As such, it is essential that only those who are mature enough to understand the seriousness of these weapons have access to them.

Thirdly, Call of Duty requires a significant amount of strategy and planning. Players need to be able to think quickly on their feet and make split-second decisions in fast-paced situations. This can be particularly challenging for younger players who may not have had the same level of life experience or cognitive development as older players.

In conclusion, Call of Duty is an 18+ game for good reason. The game’s violent content and realistic depictions of weapons require a mature audience to fully appreciate the game’s complexity and depth. By restricting access to these games, we can ensure that younger players are not exposed to content that may negatively impact their mental health or cognitive development.


Q: What is the age restriction for Call of Duty?
A: The age restriction for Call of Duty is 18+.

Q: Why is Call of Duty an 18+ game?
A: Call of Duty requires a mature audience due to its violent content and realistic depictions of weapons. It also requires a significant amount of strategy and planning, which can be challenging for younger players.

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