Video Review: Sam Smith “The Lighthouse Keeper”

Video Review: Sam Smith “The Lighthouse Keeper”

On a sheet of paper, a hand drawn lighthouse shines it light over the ocean. A fortysomething man sits in the boat and watches the sunrise. Birds fly over the raucous waves. A second fortysomething man, standing by the window in silhouette, waves.

A lantern hangs over the table as the fortysomething man sits at a table. He talks with three other men. While walking to his room, his body hits the walls as the boat rocks. He sleeps in bed. A framed photo of him with his boyfriend hangs on the wall. The second fortysomething man sleeps in the recliner, his hand on the page of a book.

The second fortysomething man cooks dinner, sips his coffee and looks out the window at the sea. The radio plays. The fortysomething man, in his car, waves two people in silhouette. Sparks of color shine as he drives to the lighthouse while the snow falls. He hugs the second fortysomething man.

Rating: 5/5

The second fortysomething man turns as he listens to the weather report on the radio. An ice storm was headed for the area. He puts on his uniform and drives to the lighthouse. On the tours, he explains the history of the lighthouse and talks about his experience running it.

He excuses himself as he watches the light shine. It had picked up on a boat nearby. The boat sails to the shore. Glancing out the window, he sees waves rock back and forth. The boat sails to the shore. and docks. He checks his phone and sees there hasn’t been any messages. His boyfriend, the fortysomething man, was still out there.

The alarm clock on the fortysomething man’s nightstand goes off. His four hours of sleep was over. Touching the walls, he maintains his balance as he walks to the helm of the boat. The captain the storm has settled some. However, they aren’t out of the woods yet. The fortysomething man views the twinkling lights in the distance. Some people were wrapping presents or eating dinner with their families. He reaches the shore and heads for his truck. In his truck, he texts the second fortysomething man that he was on his way.

Director: Sam Smith Year: 2020