Video Review: Nicki French “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

Video Review: Nicki French “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

A young woman, lit in midnight blue silhouette, dances under a full moon. On stage, Nicki French, wearing a white blouse and pants, sings into the microphone, the moon behind her. Off to the side, two young women sing into their microphones while the first young woman continues to dance. Wearing a red blazer and pants, she continues to sing into the microphone. The band performs around her. It rotates to her singing into the microphone while wearing the white blazer.

Rating: 2/5

It was a sin. Nicki French couldn’t be in love with another young woman. The young woman puts her hands on hers. French pulls it away and says she was going to get another drink. As she waits at the counter, she sees two young women dance. They were full of life and free. She pays for her drink and sits at the counter. It wasn’t who she was. She was a devoted wife with an upstanding husband. She digs her ring out of her purse and walks out.

French wipes her hands on the towel. The phone rings and she answers, “French residence.” It was the young woman. French says she asked her not to call her at home. The young woman says she was concerned. She had run off last night. French says she got the wrong number and hangs up.

Her husband discusses a client meeting he had over dinner. As she takes a bite of her mixed vegetables, she asks him if the client was receptive to his ideas. Her husband responds, “possibly so” and mentions he may have to take him to a baseball game soon. A flash of the young woman dancing enters her mind. She puts her napkin on the dish and says she’ll have to talk to her friends from church and arrange a night out. He tells her not to get too wild. She grins and assures him it’ll be clean fun.

Director: N/A Year: 1995