Video Review: Montell Jordan “Get It On Tonite”

Video Review: Montell Jordan “Get It On Tonite”

At night, Montell Jordan leans against his car in the driveway as a twentysomething woman asks him, “you ready, babe?” He tells her, “yo, I’ve been thinking about it and I really don’t want to go to this party tonight. I know they’re friends and it’s special.” She retorts, “but all of my friends are waiting for me. I have to go in.” He tells her, “look, I’m going in with you tonight.” She walks into her friend’s house and he checks his phone.

On his phone, a message from Tiff reads: “Hey Montell, it’s Tiff. Just wanted to say what’s up?” He texts back, “my lady’s stressin’ me” while she greets her friends in the club. They sit at a booth as he sits in the car, texting Tiff. Tiff walks out of her house. Montell stares at her, saying “ooh.” She gets inside his car. They walk past the line in the club. The bouncer lets them in. Tiff dances as Montell holds their jackets. Lit in royal blue, they walk down the stairs of the G Spot club. In neon green, they stand against a wall. She touches his chest and he kisses her neck.

Back at home, he looks in the refrigerator and sings. The twentysomething woman stands by the counter and asks him, “so what did you do tonight?” He shrugs, telling her “nothing.” She glares at him and walks away. His phone vibrates and he checks the message. Tiff asks him, “tomorrow night?” He smiles and starts to sing again.

Rating: 3/5

Tiff gives him a drink and says she has to sit down for a minute. He sits next to her and puts his arm around her. Tiff cuddles and says it was so good being with him. He kisses her. She says the commute to work is getting to her. It takes her about an hour to get home. She’s tired of sitting in the car. Jordan’s face goes pale and she asks him if he’s all right. The twentysomething woman stands at their booth and tosses a drink on Jordan and Tiff. She tells Tiff that she can have him and walks away.

The twentysomething woman asks if him it meant anything. Jordan hangs his head and stares at the floor. She tells him she read all their messages and Tiff needs to watch her back. Jordan stands up and tells her to back off of Tiff. The twentysomething scoffs, “of course.” He texts Tiff “sorry” as the twentysomething woman walks upstairs. Tiff responds it’s not a big deal.

Jordan packs up his bag. The twentysomething woman hugs him from behind and says she forgives him. Jordan turns around and says, “what?” She says they’ve been together too long to just give up. People expect them to be with each other. He says he wants to continue to see Tiff. The twentysomething woman says he can date Tiff. They’ll have an open relationship. Jordan says he needs time to think about it and walks out of the house. He texts Tiff and ask if he can come over. She tells him he has out by 4 am, though. Her roommate can’t see him. Jordan agrees and drives to her house.

Director: Little X Year: 1999