Video Review: Jameson Rodgers “Some Girls”

Video Review: Jameson Rodgers “Some Girls”

A young woman brushes her hair in the bathroom. On her phone, she has received a notification that Jameson Rodgers has sent her a text message. Rodgers sits at the bar, staring at his phone. She puts on mascara and gets her phone. Reading over the message, she begins to type out a response and erases it. She taps her favorite list and vents to her mom.

Lit in teal, she slumps in the backseat of a car and looks out the window. Her boyfriend pulls out her chair at the restaurant. She drinks a glass of wine as he leans against the wall of the bar. Her boyfriend talks with the bouncer as he checks his driver’s license. She sees Rodgers tapping his fingers on the bar and smiles to herself. Turning her head, she glances at her boyfriend. Rodgers turns and can’t believe she’s there. He watches as she talks with her boyfriend at a table and punches the wall.

His phone vibrates as he walks to his car. The message from her reads: “I still love you.” Her face falls as the three dots disappear.

Rating: 5/5

Jameson Rodgers sits with his phone in his hands, reading over her message. It floored him that she still loved him. He didn’t know what to do with the information. Part of him wanted to go back into the bar and kiss her in front of her boyfriend. However, the other part of him wanted to slam the door and curl in the corner of his bathroom with a bottle of beer. Hands in his pockets, he looks back at the bar and waits for his Lyft.

The young woman glances at the jukebox and looks down at the table. He left. Her boyfriend asks her what she was looking for. She replies that she was thinking of playing a song but she changed her mind. He shrugs and gets a quarter of his wallet. He walks to the jukebox and inserts the quarters. She puts her head in her hands as he reaches out her hand. He walks up to her and asks her dance. She lets him twirl her around the dance floor and tells him she can’t. They sit back at their table, drinking from their glasses and staring at the people in the bar.

Rodgers responds, “I love you, too.” He gulps and closes his phone. Scratching his face, he feels as though he should do something. He arranges the remotes on the table and sits on the couch, his finger on his lips. Getting up, he paces around his family room. Leaning against the counter, he puts his head in his hands. There was no guarantee she’d leave her boyfriend for him.

Director: N/A Year: 2019