Triple H Opens Up on Chris Jericho’s Surprise Appearance on WWE Podcast

Triple H Opens Up on Chris Jericho’s Surprise Appearance on WWE Podcast

On Friday, WWE dropped a bombshell when it revealed that the next guest on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Network’s Broken Skull Sessions will be Chris Jericho. During a media conference ahead of NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, Triple H was asked to comment on a number of topics including Jericho’s return to WWE programming.

The NXT boss revealed the company is “open for business” and also gave his thoughts on Jericho being on the talk show. Reacting to AEW wrestler’s appearance on the Broken Skull Sessions podcast, the 14-time World Champion said that WWE is open to working with whoever. “Vince McMahon is very open about what’s best for business for WWE but people sometimes create their own situations in their head,” he said.

The Game admitted that Jericho is a very important part of WWE’s biggest rival, currently. The Game also shed some light on the common perceptions people have regarding Vince McMahon’s outlook towards ex-WWE stars. Triple H said that he was not surprised by McMahon’s gesture of calling Jericho as the WWE CEO has often made heartwarming calls to former WWE stars after they left the company.

Speaking further about predetermined notions people have about McMahon, Triple H said that people have their own creation in their minds when they have zero knowledge of someone personally so it is not shocking to him in any way. The former AEW World Champion’s scheduled appearance on Broken Skull Sessions is the biggest piece of news in the world of professional wrestling and has understandably broken the internet. Steve Austin also opened up about the exchange he had with McMahon regarding the much anticipated forthcoming episode.

WWE official Twitter handle shared a confirmation with a post on April 3.

The upcoming installment of the Broken Skull Sessions featuring Chris Jericho will air on April 11 on Peacock and the WWE Network.