Katie Couric is controversial without makeup: how to look beautiful and embrace age.

Katie Couric is controversial without makeup: how to look beautiful and embrace age.

The beauty industry is still in its infancy, but Katie Couric is challenging the status quo.

The 64-year-old TV personality and former “Today” anchor went makeup for People magazine on Monday. Although she admitted that she was already reluctant to take a nude photoshoot, the experience made her feel “free and weak.”

Couric told the crowd, When we start noticing women with age and recognize the beauty that comes with it, women will stop trying to look fresh all the time.

In a society where the phrase anti-aging is used to support beauty and skincare products, women of all ages feel the pressure to cover rather than embracing wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots.

For Gwyneth Paltrow, one, she says she’s struggling to feel beautiful with the lines running from her coyote’s feet or the corners of her eyes.

“It’s just like you sometimes, ‘Is that me?'” The Beauty Wardrobe,” he said on the July 2019 podcast.

Susan Yara, founder of Natorem Skincare and the YouTube channel Mixed Makeup, called Cork’s interview really important, as it normalizes the aging process, especially for recreational women.

“It is common for women to disappear into the background as we age, or we resort to plastic surgery to maintain the quality of young women while men develop more with age. It should be the same for women. she says, we are more assured and self-confident, and we bring intelligence that you can match with age.

Cork is one of the many public figures who are acknowledging her natural beauty and signs of aging. During the epidemic, Andy McDowell showed off his silver locks, and Kelly Repa mocked his gray roots.

“it’s an honor to be old, “says Cassandra Bankson, a California-based medicine stationer, and YouTube personality. Marked with dates of occurrence. “And flawless, which ultimately damaged his self-esteem.

Now, she says, “I often remind clients that fine lines and wrinkles are symbols we love, laugh, spend the summer in the sun and learn along the way.”

“We need to accept how our skin takes care of us and what these stories tell us,” says Bankson.

Ways to embrace age

USA Today spoke to cosmetic experts who provided insights on embracing aging rather than hiding it.

Remember that social media is not real: Michael Keys, MD, Fellow of Plastic Surgery at Louisville University, recalls that “celebrities and influences often lead to undesirable areas to reduce skin tone, wrinkles, and excess fat Uses filters and photo editing apps. “

He says, “From a health point of view, it is important to understand what is real and what is not,” and encourages the following influencers who post immovable and raw images instead.