Jagan Kumar Clinches Ninth Title at National Motorcycle Racing Championship 2020

Jagan Kumar Clinches Ninth Title at National Motorcycle Racing Championship 2020

Jagan Kumar of TVS Racing bagged his ninth national title, as he won in the Pro-Stock 165cc Open category with a victiry in the third race of the second and final round of the MRF MMSC FMSCI National Motorcycle Racing Championship 2020 here on Sunday. The 31-year-old Jagan also won the 125cc in 2009 and eight in the 165cc Open class.

Jagan, following two consecutive wins this weekend, led team-mate KY Ahamed by four points going into race four on Sunday. He won the third race ahead of Ahmed and Mathana Kumar (Eneos Honda Erula Racing). Jagan did just enough in the final race to finish fourth behind Mathana Kumar, last year’s champion Sarath Kumar (RACR Castrol Power Racing) and Ahamed.

“I decided to take it easy and go for points instead. I am delighted to win the title after missing it last year,” Jagan said.

Jagan finished on 138 points to Ahmed’s 137. Mohan Babu, a 21-year-old purchase executive in a Chennai firm, picked up his maiden national title, winning the 165 cc Pro-stock Novice category class.

He topped with 123 points, ahead of Ullas Santrupt (108). The championship results in the Pro-Stock 301-400cc category was withheld following a technical protest, which was subsequently thrown out. However, the decision has been appealed and a final verdict is awaited, a press release said.

“It has been very tough for me this year, trying to put together funds for the championship. We took a loan and my office contributed a little. So, I managed to race. I spent a sleepless night thinking about today’s race. I was very nervous, but somehow managed to finish second. Today is the happiest day in my life,” said an emotional Babu.

In the Idemitsu Honda India Talent Cup Open (NSF 250R, Sarthak Chavan of Pune won the second race ahead of Samuel Martin (Bengaluru) and Mohsin Peramban (Mamallapuram). In the Novice category (CBR 150), Chennai’s Shyam Sundar topped the charts, followed by Ikshan Shanbhag (Satara) and Vivek Rohit Kapadia (Belgaum).

The results (Provisional – all 6 laps unless mentioned):

Pro-Stock 301-400cc (Race-3): 1. Anish Damodar Shetty (Race Concepts) (11mins, 44.035secs); 2. Rajini Krishnan (RACR Castrol Power Racing) (11:44.322); 3. KY Ahamed (TVS Racing) (11:45.386). Race-4: 1. Rajini Krishnan (11:49.668); 2. Deepak Ravikumar (TVS Racing) (11:50.210); 3. Amarnath Menon (SpeedUp Racing) (11:50.321).

Pro-Stock 165cc (Race-3): 1. Jagan Kumar (TVS Racing) (12:11.699); 2. KY Ahamed (TVS Racing) (12:15.860); 3. S Mathana Kumar (Eneos Honda Erula Racing) (12:15.937). Race-4 (5 laps due to delayed start): 1. S Mathana Kumar (10:39.908); 2. Sarath Kumar (RACR Castrol Power Racing) (10:44.093); 3. KY Ahamed (10:45.776).

Novice (Stock 165cc, Race-4): 1. Navaneeth Kumar (Rulexx Rockers Racing) (13:08.467); 2. Mohan Babu P (Pvt, Chennai) (13:08.659); 3. Alwin Sundar (AS Motorsports) (13:09.147).

TVS One-Make Championship – Open (RTR 310, Race-4): 1. Aditya Rao (Bengaluru) (11:46.052); 2. Vishwadev Muraleedharan (Coimbatore) (11:52.507); 3. Kishoar VS (Coimbatore) (11:55.485). Novice (RTR 200, Race-3): 1. Sudheer Sudhakar (Delhi) (13:16.909); 2. Teja TVR (Hyderabad) (13:17.317); 3. Navaneeth Kumar (Puducherry) (13:18.803). Race-4: 1. Navaneeth Kumar (13:19.991); 2. Sudheer Sudhakar (13:20.028); 3. Alwin Sundar (13:20.028). Media (5 laps): 1. Zaran Mody (11:26.925); 2. Anis Shaik (11:32.884); 3. Azaman Chothia (11:33.003).

Idemitsu Honda India Talent Cup – Open (NSF 250R, Race-2, 8 laps): 1. Sarthak Chavan (Pune) (14:59.511); 2. Samuel Martin (Bengaluru) (15:11.383); 3. Mohsin Peramban (Mamallapuram) (15:14.057). Novice (CBR 150, Race-2): 1. Shyam Sundar (Chennai) (13:30.923); 2. Ikshan Shanbhag (Satara) (13:31.338); 3. Vivek Rohit Kapadia (Belgaum).

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