ISL 2020-21: ‘Proud FC Goa Head Coach’ – Juan Ferrando Writes Emotional Note after Incident with Gerard Nus

ISL 2020-21: ‘Proud FC Goa Head Coach’ – Juan Ferrando Writes Emotional Note after Incident with Gerard Nus

FC Goa head coach Juan Ferrando has hinted that his confrontation with NorthEast United FC coach Gerard Nus during their Indian Super League (ISL) match on Monday was a reaction to something that had happened earlier. Ferrando expressed his emotions to the fans of the club in a lengthy and emotional note that he posted on his official Instagram account. Ferrando’s note came almost a day after the incident took place.


On Monday, during FC Goa’s match against NorthEast United FC, Nus and Ferrando had a confrontation when Nus was waiting to make his substitution. When the cameras panned towards the touchline, Nus and Ferrando were having a verbal go at each other with their faces just inches apart. The staff from both the teams and FC Goa captain Edu Bedia had to come forward to break the two apart. Both were booked for the same.

Later in the match, FC Goa player Alberto Noguera went to collect the ball at the touchline for a throw-in and pushed Nus, who had his back to the field. Nus was in the middle of what seemed like an argument with someone on FC Goa bench when he was pushed by Noguera and rolled on to the ground. Ferrando, who seemingly considered Nus’s falling as play-acting, reacted by laughing at Nus and clapping towards him.

After the match, Ferrando refused to comment on the incident and said he would only like to talk about it face-to-face with Nus. The NorthEast United FC coach, on the other hand, chose to joke about Ferrando wanting to join NorthEast staff saying he was the one coming towards his technical area.

A day after the incident, Ferrando shared a touching story about how people around him were unsure of his decision to come to FC Goa and India and how he was happy with the choice he had made.

“You know, months ago when I was in Barcelona in talks with the club and amazed to have the opportunity to join the team as head coach, I was told by some people I was a fool. “Are you going more than 7,000 km away to a league not so known here and with all the pandemic situation? Are you sure football is appreciated there and of quality?”. These were some of their thoughts, and I chose well when I decided to judge myself to get to know the full story. Today I can say with knowledgeable opinion they were wrong,” he wrote in his note.

Ferrando said he was the coach of the best team, one that had a great staff and that he was “coaching best group of players possible, always willing to help others and fighting in any circumstance.” He added that he feels the love and warmth of FC Goa’s “first-class fans”, who appreciate the team’s performances and are willing to stand behind them through thick and thin.

“And what also happens sometimes is a reaction out of the blue, like mine yesterday (Monday). The word reaction comes from re-action meaning “action in response to something happening earlier”. That’s it. I am not writing to you to counteract any statement from anyone, this is not my style. I just wanted to highlight that in football, and also in life, one needs to know the full story before jumping to conclusions,” Ferrando stated.

Ferrando further said he was far away from his home training his players to become better players and “to enjoy football with all of you guys”. He added that he was willing to discover India if and when they are allowed to move outside the bubble. “There is no time to waste and there is no other place I would like to be right now,” he said.

“YOU are FC Goa and the last word is still to be said.

Juan Ferrando

Proud FC Goa Head Coach” – Ferrando ended his note.