Is Riot Games Still Relevant?


Riot Games is one of the most successful game developers in the world, with titles like League of Legends and Valorant under its belt. However, is Riot still relevant in today’s competitive gaming industry? In this article, we will explore Riot’s success and what it means for the future of gaming.


Riot Games has been around since 2010, and its flagship title, League of Legends, has been a staple of the eSports scene for years. With millions of players worldwide, Riot’s success is undeniable. However, with new game studios emerging and existing games getting updates and revisions, it’s important to question whether Riot is still relevant.

One of Riot’s major strengths has always been its ability to listen to its community and make changes based on their feedback. For example, when players expressed frustration with the new champion changes in League of Legends, Riot implemented a system that allowed players to vote on which champions should be nerfed or buffed. This not only increased player engagement but also showed that Riot values its community’s input.

Another area where Riot excels is in marketing and promotion. Valorant, their newest game, has already gained millions of players within months of release thanks to Riot’s aggressive advertising campaign. They also partnered with several high-profile brands for cross-promotions, further increasing the game’s reach.


While there is no denying that Riot Games has been successful, it’s important to question whether they are still relevant in today’s gaming industry. With new games and studios emerging every day, it’s essential for Riot to continue innovating and staying ahead of the curve. If Riot can maintain its focus on player engagement, marketing, and innovation, it will continue to be a major player in the gaming world.

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