“Is COD Free on PS4? The Truth You Need to Know”

Is COD free on PS4? That’s a question that has been asked by gamers for years. The answer, unfortunately, is not straightforward. In this article, we will explore the different ways you can play Call of Duty on your PlayStation 4 and determine whether it’s truly free or not.

First, let’s start with the most obvious option: purchasing a physical or digital copy of the game. If you buy a physical copy of COD, you can play it immediately without any additional costs. However, if you purchase a digital copy, you will need to pay for an online pass in order to access the multiplayer mode.

Next, let’s consider playing COD through PlayStation Plus. This is a monthly subscription service that provides gamers with access to a variety of benefits, including free games each month. While COD is not included in the current list of free games, it has been offered for free in the past. So, if you are a PS Plus member, there is always a chance that you may be able to play COD without any additional costs.

Finally, let’s look at the online multiplayer mode. If you want to play with other gamers around the world, you will need an online pass. This can be purchased separately or as part of a bundle with another game. So, while the multiplayer mode is not completely free, it is available for purchase if you want to access it.

In conclusion, while COD is not completely free on PS4, there are ways to play it without additional costs. If you buy a physical copy or use PlayStation Plus, you can enjoy the game without having to pay anything extra. However, if you want to play with other gamers online, you will need to purchase an online pass.

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