He Would be the Next One I’d Put my Money on: Hulk Hogan Picks WWE’s Future Mega Star

He Would be the Next One I’d Put my Money on: Hulk Hogan Picks WWE’s Future Mega Star

Hulk Hogan had picked Kevin Owens as the next big thing in WWE when Owens won the WWE NXT Championship in 2015 and ever since moving to the main roster Owens has had some memorable storylines resulting in him capturing the Intercontinental Championship, Universal Championship, United States Championship and has so far been positioned as a top star in the company be it on RAW or Smackdown.

He’s Got the Eye of the Tiger Look in his Eyes, He’s as Legit as They Come: Hulk Hogan Has High Praise For This Current WWE Superstar

As part of the Raw ‘Legends Night’ this Monday, January 4, 2021, Hogan was interviewed by WWE and was asked about who he sees as the next future star of WWE and The Hulkster named Matt Riddle, as somebody who has got it all in terms of being successful in WWE.

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“Kevin Owens was an exception to the rule, you know, I was really into the NXT thing and I didn’t see any one guy there that really grinded and just thumped and thumped and stayed on it and was just vicious, and knew when to back off and when to beg and knew all the Pat Patterson tricks. Then I saw Kevin Owens and I thought “Wow, that’s the guy. That’s the guy. You know, he can be the next one if he’s given the opportunity,” said Hogan.

Right now there’s another guy that’s stumbling into that situation. You know, acting like he doesn’t know what’s going on but he’s smart as hell. That’s the “Bro”, Riddle, who kicks his flip-flops off when he comes into the ring. I’ve been watching him and he’s really got good instincts. He’s really got a good aptitude for understanding what needs to be done, you know. It’s all about instincts and timing. His timing is off a little bit but it’s starting to come each and every week so, I mean, he would be the next one I’d put my money on,” he added.

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Riddle, a MMA fighter, signed with WWE in 2018 and moved from developmental and then to NXT and main roster winning two years and in his debut match defeated the then Intercontnental champion AJ Styles in a non-title match and has had a shot at the WWE title once so far.