Do Sims 4 Babies Age Naturally?

As a gamer, you know how much time and effort goes into creating your perfect virtual world. One of the most exciting aspects of playing The Sims is watching your characters grow and evolve, especially when it comes to their babies. But do Sims 4 babies age naturally, or is there a way to control their growth?

Sims 4 babies do age naturally, but the rate at which they age can be controlled. By default, babies in The Sims 4 age from birth to toddlerhood in just one week, then from toddlerhood to childhood in another week, and finally from childhood to teenagehood in four weeks. However, you can adjust this setting by going into the game’s options menu and selecting "Life Settings." From there, you can choose to speed up or slow down the aging process for your babies.

It’s worth noting that while you can control the rate at which your Sims 4 babies age, their overall development is still based on random chance. This means that even if you speed up the aging process, your baby may still take longer to learn certain skills or develop certain traits. Similarly, slowing down the aging process won’t necessarily mean that your baby will be more mature or developed than other babies of the same age.

To further enhance your Sims 4 baby experience, you can also use mods and cheats that allow for even more control over their growth and development. For example, you can download a mod that allows you to customize your baby’s appearance, personality, and abilities, or use a cheat that lets you instantly make your baby learn new skills or achieve certain milestones.

Ultimately, whether or not Sims 4 babies age naturally is up to you as the gamer. By adjusting the aging settings and using mods and cheats, you can create a virtual world that’s tailored to your unique playstyle and preferences.

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