Braun Strowman Gets Ready for Return to WWE in a New Avatar

Braun Strowman Gets Ready for Return to WWE in a New Avatar

WWE wrestler Braun Strowman has managed to get in a great shape, possibly the fittest ever, ahead of his probable return to the WWE circuit. While out of the WWE storylines on some ‘suspension’ story, Strowman has recently shared a picture of his new physique on social media.

Along with posting the extremely ripped body, the wrestler has also hinted that his return to the ring would be along the lines of a new storyline. Wearing a metal mask, Strowman can be seen flexing his muscles in the recently released clip.

Clearly having been leaned down significantly, Strowman can be heard saying the words: “Did you guys miss me yet?” in the 20-second video. By the looks of it, he might be in a public washroom.

The caption to the post said: “I AM #INEVITABLE and soon I will snap my fingers!!!!! #TheMonsterIsComing #Braunos #MADTITAN”.

He has been ‘suspended’ from the universe of WWE as a penalty for having assaulted Adam Pearce sometime back. But with a sneak peek of his change physique getting shared on the internet, his return is most likely going to be soon.

It will be interesting to show what kind of storyline awaits The Monster as after losing the title of the Universal Champion, Strowman has not done anything significant on WWE Raw. his new avatar will definitely push him to try out his popularity in a new domain altogether.

Before his suspension, Strowman was about to engage in a feud with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and he is soon going to defend the WWE Championship at the TLC pay-per-view show. This means that McIntyre is likely to get in a fight with the ripped Strowman.

Also, WWE will be striving hard to make RAW interesting again after recently it recorded very low viewership ratings. The wrestling programme needs promising characters and watchable stories to hold onto the attention of the public.